Sunday, April 25, 2010

Please excommunicate me.

Things may be stagnant at this site, but not so anywhere else in life right now.

I've received my 10 comp. copies of Wind and which I wrote every fucking word.
A book, with my name on the cover....and I did it. The kick-ass cover by Sheri starts many a conversation in this house.

Gill McKnight, my writer friends and excellent beta-reader wrote the sweetest review of Wind and Bones on her blog.

And if you want a blast reading some paranormal books, you have to try Gill's two werewolf novels: Golden Seal and Ambereye. Sexy, funny and chilling. What more could you want? I can't read Gill's books when Jude is asleep next to me because my guffaws wake her up. Actually, I can't read Gills books late at night because I can't go to sleep until I find out what happens.

So, what's next for this writer? Well, I'm working on a new novel, scheduled to be out a year from now. It's entitled 78 Keys and draws on my deep dark past as a Tarot card reader. It's set in the Pacific Northwest. The cover, after lots of feedback from family and friends, has been chosen. Damn, I'd better write the darn thing.

If you're a happy Catholic, skip the next part of this blog. This is all about me, not you.

My upmost project has nothing to do with writing. I learned that the Catholic Church still counts me on its rolls. Apparently, as long as you haven't been excommunicated, they keep you on their rolls until you die. No wonder they brag about their numbers. They're counting folks who haven't been to church in decades.....including me. That frosted my ass.

I have not wanted to be a Catholic since second grade, exactly 50 years ago. I assumed that if I wasn't giving them money or registered in one of their parishes, I wasn't considered Catholic. Not so....unless they boot me out, I'm one of them....even if they really don't want me....and we all know they don't. I'm hoping that something I've wanted for 50 years will finally come to pass. I want all of myself, all of my power back from them, an institution I find intrinsically bogus and, at times, evil. Sorry to all you believers...remember this is about me, not you.

I became motivated to get officially excommunicated. There are several steps in the process but it starts with writing a letter to the parish where I've been baptised and confirmed. Luckily for me, they are one and the same. I had to write a letter requesting excommunication and send it to my Shelby, Montana parish. gulp. I have not done this lightly or as a frolic. The little girl who was forced-fed damaging dogma still resides within me. However, I know what's right for me and where I want to put all my spiritual energy....and it's not with the Catholic Church.

I have decided to post my request on this blog and give you updates. After being notarized, the following letter was sent to St. William Parish, Shelby, Montana, USA on April 22, 2010 by registered letter.

April 11, 2010
Dear Father Drury,

Before I make my request for excommunication from the Catholic Church, be assured that I am of sound mind and body. I am a consenting adult, fifty seven years old. I will have this letter notarized as proof of its authenticity and sincerity.

I was born in Shelby, Montana on March 10, 1953. My parents were Sam and Jeanette Marra, now deceased. I was baptized in St. William Church at the customary time subsequent to my birth with my god-parents attending, William and Francis Neely, now deceased.

I attended St. William School from fall 1959 to spring of 1967. I received first communion at St. William in approximately 1960 and was confirmed at St. William in approximately 1966.
When I was in grade school at St. William, I witnessed and was victim of several sessions of verbal, emotional and physical abuse. I will be happy to supply names and approximate dates of such events upon your request. I was also slapped several times for asking questions about God or church doctrine. By second grade, I had decided that the church was no place for me; however, I continued to attend school because I had no choice, of course. My parents believed in church doctrine, and they felt I was lucky to be at a Catholic school.

My lack of belief at an early age also accompanied the knowledge that I was different. Back then I didn’t have the language for it except for “evil”, “sinful”, “of the devil”, “perverted”, and other degrading terms. So from the age of five, I knew I was a lesbian but had nothing but church terms to define me. And, as you know, those terms are still the same. Fortunately, I no longer subscribe to such brutality and love myself completely.

I am appalled that the church can call me such hateful names, but act as an apologist for the thousands of priests who preyed upon children. One such priest, and maybe more, even served at St. William.

There was a period of time, even though the church hates gay people, when I considered going back to mass. I thought having a place to pray with a group would be helpful. Then the church elected Cardinal Ratzinger as pope, a man whose vicious career I had been following since 1980, and all plans for returning to the church were dead to me. This will never change now.

Let me be specific, Father Drury.

1. I don’t believe that God is a father or mother.
2. I renounce that Jesus is his only son. We are all children of God.
3. I renounce the doctrine of the holy spirit.
4. I renounce the doctrine of the virgin birth.
5. I renounce the doctrine that Jesus descended into hell and rose three days later.
6. In fact, I renounce the complete doctrine of Jesus, especially since 90% of it was made up three hundred years after his death and added to as it suited popes to consolidate power.
7. I renounce any doctrine fomented by the so-called “apostle” Paul who never laid eyes on Jesus.
8. I renounce the communion of saints.
9. I renounce the church’s doctrine of forgiveness as it is selective and cruel.
10. I renounce the doctrine of original sin, heaven, hell and purgatory.
11. I renounce all the sacraments of the church as they are exclusionary.
12. I especially renounce the doctrine of papal infallibility.

Let me just give a blanket renunciation of the church and its entire body of doctrine from birth control to marriage. My belief is the church has caused more harm and suffering to the world, over the last two millennia, than any other political or religious movement in history. If you want me to supply dates and examples, I will be happy to do so. Suffice to say, an objective study of history would prove me correct.

I see nothing in the church’s future that portends a change in its wanton effort to oppress and mislead millions of people throughout the world, but now especially, the under-educated and needy in places like Africa and South America. It is shameful.

And so, Father Drury, I request, no, I plead that you start proceedings to excommunicate me from the church. I do not ever intend to return. I do not want the final sacrament at the time of my death. I do not believe in the church’s teachings, and I am ashamed to have my name attached to it, even tangentially.

Please notify me as soon as possible that you have started my process of excommunication from the Catholic Church and official removal from its rolls. I do not want to be counted.
Thank you for an immediate response,

Kristin Eleanor Marra

And there you have it, folks, my damnation into hell. However, considering the dogma I was taught, I'll be meeting most of you there. I'll bring a nice bottle of Bordeaux....oh, hell, we'll need several cases of Bordeaux.....and port....and gin.......................