Friday, August 21, 2009

Treading Water

I know, a cliche for my title. Can't be helped, though, because that's how I feel.
My book is in the expected stasis between editorial review and revision. In short, I'm waiting to hear from my editor, and she informs me it will be mid-September. Right when I go back to work, of course. But that's the way it works, and I'll sit it out patiently. She said we are on schedule....whatever that means. I'm such a newbie.

Here's what's really cool: the Bold Strokes community of writers. After getting wonderful "welcome aboard" emails from several BSB writers, I've been invited to join a BSB book group. And their communication with me has been full of humor, so I'm not too worried that my sometimes provocative jokes will alienate me....much. We meet on Sept. 12, my sainted father's birthday, and I'll just have to overcome my social anxiety. Breathe...breathe...and remember these gals are writers and probably have some of the same shyness I have. If they supply me with a white board and markers, maybe I'll feel right at home.

In the meantime, my mind is working over the plot for a Wind and Bones sequel. I've got most of it outlined. And here's what I'm wringing my hands over: a title. I love the Wind and Bones title and feel like I won't think of anything I like better than that. What to do? What to do? I want something evocative of the area in north Glacier Park. How 'bout "Cold and Lonely"? Or maybe "Stolen Native Land". Don't think those are catchy.

My novel about the tarot reader has come to a stop because I'm not working on the conditions of tarot-land. I need to build another the hell do fantasy and sci-fi writers to it? That's my big challenge. I've read the 10 pages that I've written, and it's actually pretty good. I know how the plot is supposed to go, but I have to create another world for portions of the book. Cripes. (I can't believe I used that weird expletive)

So, my sister asked for a new post....hope this works, Shell.
Be back after all next week's visiting relatives have returned to their homes and Rachel is snuggly deposited into 5th grade.

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